Performed by:

Kev - Voice

Tyler Sussman - Digeridoo


I first met Tyler Sussman at a Taoist meditation seminar in New York City. Our class was receiving a transmission of the "Six Healing Sounds" practice by Master Mantak Chia. During a break I was resting on the floor when a deep warmth suddenly began vibrating my perineum - it was Tyler playing his didgeridoo on the other side of the room. I soon learned that Tyler was a masterful didgeridoo player, capable of playing one unbroken tone on his instrument for hours at a time. When I was displaced by Hurricane Sandy later that year I found myself subletting Tyler's apartment in Brooklyn. One night, with very little discussion, we recorded this 17 minute audio track in a single take.

It took me nearly a year to listen to it. When I did I saw visions - it was a peak experience. The track is not exactly music, but more the record of a ritual process. My contribution is a vocalization of the Six Healing Sounds while Tyler grounds the space through didgeridoo. The Six Healing Sounds are an ancient Taoist technology of emotional transformation to activate and balance the internal organs. In sequence they are: lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, spleen. It is my recommendation that this track be listened to in the dark, laying down in a safe space or seated comfortably with a good pair of headphones. The track fosters something more active than relaxation. Approached with openness it may unlock trapped emotions or possibly induce a state of trance.

My collaboration with Tyler culminated in a performance of the Six Healing Sounds and their accompanying animal movements at the MoMA PS1 Dome in Rockaway Beach on March 30th, 2013. I developed the ritual, which included a video projection of changing colors, in response to negative emotions generated by Hurricane Sandy. The positive influence of this ritual still lingers in my life.

I offer my thanks to Tao Master Mantak Chia for teaching the Six Healing Sounds practice. I also thank Michael Winn for his teaching of the sounds combined with a "Five Animals Play" Tai Chi form. And many thanks to Tyler for his didgeridoo rooting power.